The simple easy adhesive solution for the flooring contactor. The Flexispray adhesive system has been developed with you in mind. The drive is on NON FLAMMABLE adhesive systems that you can use in areas where the public are, on building sites, in nursing homes, hospitals just to name a few… Flexispray… the range with a solution.

10 good reasons why you need this product

  1. Non flammable
  2. Huge coverage
  3. Excellent bond strength
  4. Consistent adhesive application
  5. Portable (take it anywhere)
  6. Low odour
  7. Just about maintenance free
  8. Cost effective
  9. Bonds most common floor substrates
  10. Fast delivery

This is not just another new product, this is a system that works with you in mind. It’s quality and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Just look at it… How on earth does that work? It’s simple, just so simple you can hardly believe it, we developed this with you in mind, something simple and easy to use. You simply invert the can and push the nozzle sideways and immediately you get a stream of aerated foaming acrylic droplets, which are also plasticiser resistant. Cleaning? Of course not, just wipe the tip and put the cap back on and use it next time. It’s that simple – honest.

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