The future is green

Soon you shall see a further generation of greener adhesives, which will help us provide to you, what our planet requires, greener safer and easier products to use, watch this space and keep browsing the website for these new products.

The FS410 its truly amazing...

We use the FS410 its truly amazing, it has completely changed the application of tackifier, we used to get on our knees and trowel but with FS410 you spray from your waist and it goes on the floor like snow then you can lay the tiles into to it wet and you don’t even get a permanent bond or we can wait for 10 minute and its dry. We use it on our jobs which are anything over 100sqm, and you can even get 700sqm from one canister! I would recommend it to any floor contractor that does carpet tiles. Contract Flooring company - Midlands.

The FS600 it has amazing grab...

We used the FS600 it has amazing grab, and the application was much faster than any other type of contact adhesive that we have used ever before. Contract Flooring company - London.