Description: FS-470 is the latest and ULTIMATE non-chlorinated high solids synthetic rubber spray grade pressure sensitive flooring adhesive in canisters.

FS-470 has been developed for versatility with a long open time and high tack level giving good bond strength for a wide range of materials, but particularly suitable for spot sticking carpet tiles (except PVC backed) and for perimeter fixing of rubber foam backed carpets. Suitable for use on most common subfloors but not on fully flexible vinyl.

The Low odour, accuracy and ultra fast installations times which are achievable with this system allowing fast turnaround in occupied buildings, makes this a favourite with installers.

We’re here to make the installers life easy.... the days are past, having to kneel down and laboriously spread adhesive.... Flexispray allows you to stand and spray. This will reduce knee injury and reduce labour time and increase efficiency, in turn bringing you more profitability.

-- Flexispray FS470 Spray Adhesive Canister 22ltr
-- Flexispray FS470 Spray Adhesive 500ml