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The future is green

24 February 2011

Soon you shall see a further generation of greener adhesives, which will help us provide to you, what our planet requires, greener safer and easier product...

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Flexispray FAQs

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Q1) How many square meters coverage will I get from the FS410 tackifier?

A) You will get in excess of 700 sqm sprayed correctly.

Q2) how many square meters will I get from the FS460 water based Vinyl adhesive?

A) You will get approximately 300-350 sqm sprayed correctly.

Q3) How many square meters coverage will I get from the FS470 solvented tackifier?

A) A. You will get approximately 250-300sqm sprayed correctly.

Q4) Will the FS410 tackifier plasticise on PVC or recycled PVC backed tiles?

A) No the FS410 tackifier is Plasticiser resistant.

Q5) Do the waterbased flexi products have any rust inhibitor in them?

A) A. Yes they do they all have rust inhibitor.

Q6) what is the lowest temperature the waterbased adhesive work at?

A) The waterbased adhesives will work best at temperature in excess of 15 degrees.

Q7) If the waterbased gets frozen and bought back to room temperature will it still work?

A) No, this product is not freeze thaw stable.

Q8) Will my gun fit your hose.

A) Yes, all guns fit our hoses.

Q9) Will my hose fit your canisters?

A) Yes, all canister hose connections fit our canisters.

Q10) If I change to your canister glue, can I use my gun and hose without flushing the system through?

A) Yes you can if the adhesive is solvent based, if you are changing from solvent based to waterbased (FS410-460) this will congeal the adhesive, and vice versa.

Q11) Do you have an adhesive that will bond vinyl’s without plasticizing?

A) Yes we do, FS460 is a plasticizer resistant adhesive in a canister for bonding vinyl’s and LVT.

Q12) Do I need to use PPE when using your canister adhesives?

A) Health and safety requirements are site specific, also see relevant SDS (refer to the Resources section).

Q13) Will I get over spray using your canister spray adhesive?

A) This is normally minimal, however this is down to operator control and guidance on spraying these products is available.

Q14) Do I need to clean my substrates before bonding?

A) Yes, all substrates MUST be clean, dry, free from oil/grease and any other contamination.

Q15) What do I use to clean substrates?

A) You should use a fast drying solvent based panel wipe or similar. DO NOT use any CITRUS or OILY CLEANERS which leave residues e.g. white spirit.

Q16) How do I apply pressure to achieve maximum bond results?

A) Use a 75mm rubber J roller as a minimum requirement or alternatively a mechanical nip roller.